The Guest Bedroom: Design Plan

The guest bedroom is the room we’ve started twice and have yet to finish (for various legitimate reasons). But, over the past two weeks we’ve made some big progress:

  • roughed out holes in the walls and ceiling for two sconces and an overhead light
  • we (but really, cory) figured out the electrical for the three new light fixtures
  • picked up a serge mouille reproduction ceiling light off craigslist
  • ordered curtains (these from west elm)
  • decided on paint colors
  • we painted the ceiling
  • planned out the picture frame moulding
  • replaced the existing closet door with a narrower door to create more wall space for the bed

All of the above things made it look like we were creating a lot of mess in the room and not so much positive progress. BUT, today we cleared out the room for the painting and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

On to the design plan. The vibe is crisp, chic and eclectic retreat. I want this room to feel like a getaway, with a mix of vintage and modern pieces, crisp linens and an enveloping feel. The textiles and layers should feel collected and surprisingly cohesive.

I’ve ordered a good deal of these pieces but there are some that will take longer for me to source and may change by the time they make it into the room (e.g. that tiki ocean dresser is a bit of a pipe dream that I will probably spend months hunting down and still maybe not find it for less than $3k). Regardless, I’m SO excited about the direction of this room and can’t wait to see it become real. Our deadline for this room is June 1st, so we’ve got to keep cranking on it.



What we still have left to do:

  • Sand and refinish the 2″x 8″ strip of wood floor that was under the old built-ins
  • Patch a few holes in the drywall
  • Paint the walls
  • Paint and install crown moulding, baseboard trim and picture frame moulding
  • Install the light fixtures
  • Build the bed (we have a headboard and need to build the rest of the frame)
  • Source very narrow nightstands (waiting until we have the bed in to make a final call)
  • Hang the curtains
  • Build a radiator box
  • Source a dresser, armchair, a rug and accessories

And that’s it. It’s a lot, but it’s manageable and everything we have left to do will make the room look incrementally better, unlike our past more destructive projects.


4 thoughts on “The Guest Bedroom: Design Plan

  1. How hard was it to install the moulding, baseboard trim and picture frame moulding? Did you do a tutorial on it? I really love the final room- keep going back to it! Great job.

    1. It wasn’t too hard, but definitely requires some math and use of a mitre saw! I didn’t do a tutorial for this room, but I am planning on writing one up for when we apply the same picture frame moulding to our master bedroom.

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