2017 Projects Recap

At the start of the year, I made a list of all the projects on the docket for 2017 in this post. Let’s take a look back at what we accomplished and where I was perhaps overly ambitious.

1. Finish the guest bedroom

This one we absolutely finished (and are obsessed with the final result). We’ve actually just moved into this room while we work on our master suite (#7 below), so I couldn’t be more appreciative of how this room turned out. You can check out the final reveal post here.


2. The sunroom (phase 1)

I’m giving this room’s completion a B+. We made some big changes to one side of the room, creating a window bench nook with a diy French mattress (that got featured on Domino!) and replaced the carpet with inexpensive stick on tiles. We also painted and upgraded all the light fixtures. What we haven’t finished though, is reupholstering the vintage rattan chair, and styling out the other half of the room.


3. The guest bathroom

This one we also totally knocked out. This bathroom was completely gutted and remodeled for the One Room Challenge and I couldn’t be happier with the result. There are a few outstanding items needed for this room, though, that we’ll be knocking out in the next week or two. Those include a custom shower curtain that’s in progress, a toilet paper holder, building a radiator cover and ordering Roman Shades. Regardless, at 95% done, I’m thrilled with this room.



4. Replacing the main beam

This is something we didn’t get around to doing, but will likely happen in 2018 at the same time as installing a beam in our kitchen to replace the wall that separates the dining room from the kitchen.

5. Designing our outdoor patio

This one we did for the most part by building a 10 foot long dining table, installing twinkle lights and sourcing lounge furniture. We’re so happy to have this space and will continue to make upgrades to the space in the coming year, including reupholstering the cushions for the vintage patio furniture and adding a furniture piece to serve as a serving station.




6. Miscellaneous projects

At the start of the year I wrote: “Widening the doorway from the front hallway to the living room, hanging window coverings, painting the windows, upgrading our exterior lighting, recovering our brass dining chairs, creating a storage solution for our coat closet, fencing off the propane tank in our backyard, etc.”

And looking back, we did a lot of miscellaneous projects including replacing our exterior lighting, reupholstering our Louis chair and many others. But definitely not everything on that list, by any means.


And the projects that were on the ‘if we get to it list’ (but likely the 2018 project list)

7. Creating a master suite

We’re actually doing demo on the bathroom and walk in closet today, so we’re just sneaking the start of this project into 2017, though the bulk of the work will be happening in 2018. The most recent update on this project is here. Where we’ve nailed down the floorplan and can’t wait to start in on the work.

8. Decorating my office

This one definitely did not happen. My office is now serving as our overflow storage as we prepare to work on the master suite. This will be a 2018 project for sure.

9. The laundry room

We didn’t make it to this one either, so it’s getting added to the 2018 list.

Welp, not bad for 12 months of work! Can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in another year’s worth of work.

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