My favourite Artists Found via Instagram

Original art can completely make a space feel unique, interesting, and cohesive, but sourcing art has always felt overwhelming and inaccessible. Until, I started discovering artists on Instagram, who I could connect with more directly, without needing to work with an intimidating gallery. Here are some of my favourite artists who are doing something special in the art world that I discovered on Instagram.

Angela Chrusciaki Blehm

I can almost guarantee that you’ve seen Angela’s modern take on pop art on Instagram. Her work is so unique and fresh, and the colour palettes are interesting, and I’ve seen her art shine in both modern spaces and traditional ones alike.

I recently captured two of her prints in this bold foyer by Diane Rath.

I also have another one of her prints in my own living room, bottom rail on the far right in this photo.

On my bucket list are Angela’s ribbon paintings that add so much movement and interest to any space.

And as a bonus, Angela has a killer interior design style and constantly serves up incredible design inspiration.

Jennifer Pino

Jennifer is another one of my go-to artists and I’m hoping to use one of her large abstract paintings in my own home sometime in the near future. Her palettes have a lot of depth and range of colour, but are so livable and work beautifully in any space.

I captured one of her paintings in a project I photographed for Kate at Palomino Bazaar earlier this year and I was dying to bring the piece home with me.

How great is this one too?

Katherine Freeman

Katherine is another one of my go-to artists, her paintings are so stunning, but what I’m really smitten with are her Naked Girlies series. I picked one up last year and it’s one of my absolute fave little pieces.

These are also a few others that have my heart:

Zoe Pawlak

Zoe Pawlak is a Canadian artist that I’ve been obsessed with for many years now. Her work is abstract and soothing, but still striking. I actually am the proud owner of an oversized painting that I had commissioned a few years ago.

I have so many favourite pieces of Zoe’s work, but these are just a few that I would kill to use in a future project.

Have you discovered any go-to artists via Instagram?

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