How to Upgrade to a Glass Front Door

One of the reasons we purchased our house was the natural light throughout the home, however, there was one especially dark spot that always felt out of step with the way the rest of the house felt, and that was our front hallway. Thanks to a lack of windows, the front hallway was always significantly darker than every other space, so after failing to find a place to add a window, I set my sights on updating our front door to a door with much more glass.

This post includes product gifted by the Simpson Door Company. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow us to create helpful content while featuring products we use and love!

Our original door was splintering at the bottom and had a small amount of glass on top, which let in very little light. I discovered Simpson Door Company and became enamoured with all their door options. Narrowing it down to a 3/4 lite door, which would allow for a lot more light into the front hallway, I looked to the style of our existing windows to drive the glass style. After much research into what style was most appropriate for an 80+ year old Colonial, we landed on the 7512 Thermal Sash. Working with the Simpson Door Company, we were able to customize the size of the door, for a perfect fit.

The before and after of this door is so good:

11 Sources for Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets in a frequently used bathroom can be an amazingly functional addition for storage; however, they can be very tricky to find. My go-to used to be the inset polished nickel medicine cabinet from Restoration Hardware, but in recent years they have sadly discontinued this collection. So, here are 10 sources for medicine cabinets that may serve as alternatives for you in your own bathroom renos. Update: Restoration Hardware re-launched their medicine cabinet collection in August 2023, including this classic Framed Inset Medicine Cabinet, in addition to a few other styles.

Side Hall & Laundry Room Reveal

This reveal has been a long time coming… back in January 2021, with a three week old newborn, we discovered the base of our washing machine had rusted out and water was leaking behind the machine. Realllly fun stuff, especially when you have to resort to handwashing newborn clothes because you’re in the middle of a pandemic. Anyway, instead of just repairing the subfloor and replacing the washing machine, we took the opportunity to update the whole space, including the hall that connects to the laundry room and our outdoor patio. Let’s get into those updates, which took us nearly two years to complete, but was so worth it.

A living room refresh

When designing my living room, I gave myself permission to go slow and let it come together organically. And layer by layer it has come together, where we started with refinishing the floors, then paneling and painting the walls, adding a mantel, then new lighting, then reupholstering our vintage sofa and vintage chairs, then a new coffee table and rug, and window treatments. Yet, it still wasn’t feeling quite done. So, when SWD Studio reached out about a pillow refresh, I knew it was going to be the final missing piece to making this space officially done.

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How to tile like a professional

Tiling is one of my favourite DIY projects because you get the instant gratification of getting to step back and see a formerly blank wall come to life. It’s been over five years since our first tiling project and we have learned a lot in those years. More recently, we completed an epic bathroom tiling project with Fireclay tile in which we put all the below tips to use. After every project, we assess what we could have done better, so that the next time our results and process are even more fine tuned. So that you can skip over learning those lessons first-hand and be a more professional tiler, everything we’ve learned is below.

Our new satin brass bathroom faucets

A few years ago, we completely renovated our primary bath and have absolutely loved how this space works for us. However, in time, our faucet finish started to wear, I believe due to hard water (which we’re addressing!). So, when DXV approached me about updating a space with their luxe plumbing fixtures, it was the perfect opportunity to update the faucets for some beautiful, well-made ones that will stand the test of time.

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A new chair in the nursery

When I revealed my son’s nursery a few months ago, I noted that we were having trouble finding the Goldilocks of chairs for his room: petite enough to fit in his very small nursery, a hard-wearing performance fabric, and a lead time that wasn’t insane. If you’ve been shopping for upholstered furniture in the past two years, you know that the last requirement is not easy to come by. Well, friends, I finally found that unicorn chair from Coley Home.

*This post includes gifted product from Coley Home & Pehr. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow us to create helpful content while featuring products we use and love!

Affordable Ceramic Tile (That look expensive!)

For a recent bathroom project, we discovered that the very affordable denim blue ceramic tile we had picked out for the walls was no longer available due to the factory having recently closed in Spain. This set me off on the hunt for replacement tile that was on budget, available immediately, and hand-glazed. I crowd-sourced some great options from my audience and compiled in hopes it helps others. For reference, I deem affordable as being $10/square foot or less. Yes, you can get plain white subway tile for less than that at Home Depot, but I’m looking for one step up from that, where the tile looks handmade and has colour options, and preferably in a long skinny brick size, my preference for ceramic tile.

One other note, I love high-end ceramic tile and have many times before worked with Fireclay tile, when the budget allows and it is 100% worth the added expense. That being said, not all projects have the budget for high-end tile, hence the below list!

Rosemary 2×8 Tile from Fireclay in my Guest Bath

Nursery Reveal

This post has been a longggg time coming. We waited until after our son was born (quite a few months later) to actually start working on his nursery, and now, with two weeks to spare until his first birthday, I can officially call his room done. A few years ago we turned our third bedroom into my office, and we were enamored with the space, but then, knowing we had to make space for a new baby, we again transformed the room, turning it into the nursery it is today.

Before jumping into the reveal, I want to quickly thank the brands who partnered with me on this project: Annie Selke, Nestig, and Buster + Punch. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow me to create spaces that I can share with you. All opinions are my own.

A Living Room Update with Serena & Lily

A little over a year ago, we painstakingly installed panel moulding to our living room, painted the room a soft green (Farrow & Ball Cromarty), had our vintage Baker sofa reupholstered, and then we stalled out on completing the room. It has been top of mind for us recently, as we shift gears towards completing the remaining spaces in our home. Days before Serena & Lily reached out about partnering on this campaign, Cory and I had been discussing that a new coffee table should be bumped to the top of our list, on account of first off, our living room just not feeling all that cohesive and secondly, a baby who will crawl under any piece of furniture, regardless of our concerns over him hitting his head on the underside of our former marble coffee table.

*This post is sponsored by Serena and Lily. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow us to create helpful content while featuring products we use and love!