11 Sources for Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets in a frequently used bathroom can be an amazingly functional addition for storage; however, they can be very tricky to find. My go-to used to be the inset polished nickel medicine cabinet from Restoration Hardware, but in recent years they have sadly discontinued this collection. So, here are 10 sources for medicine cabinets that may serve as alternatives for you in your own bathroom renos. Update: Restoration Hardware re-launched their medicine cabinet collection in August 2023, including this classic Framed Inset Medicine Cabinet, in addition to a few other styles.

1. Robern

Robern has been making medicine cabinets for years and in more recent times have upgraded their selection to better match the current design trends. If you’re looking for bells and whistles like interior lighting, USB charging, magnetic strips for tweezers, etc. this is the source for you. I am, personally, not a huge fan of the mirrors that include built in LED lighting on the outside (too hotel vibe for my personal tastes), but the Murray Hill, Thin Framed and Rounded Corner styles are all ones I could see living in a less modern style home. The sizes and configuration of the Robern medicine cabinets are the most customizable of any option I’ve found, though this is certainly not the most budget conscious option.

2. Josh Greene Designs

Josh Greene is a designer who launched a medicine cabinet collection last year that is the most design-forward of any I’ve seen. There are lots of customization options and the frames and interior are all wood. These cabinets are very fun and the perfect addition for packing a lot of visual punch.

3. Cooper Classics

Cooper Classics is primarily a mirror company, but they do offer some medicine cabinet options that are simple and streamlined. One standout is this medicine cabinet designed in conjunction with Erin Gates that is more decorative and does not look like a medicine cabinet.

4. Pottery Barn

The most mainstream source I’ve found is Pottery Barn, where I have used the Kensington a few times and have specced the Vintage Slim. These are some of your most value-oriented cabinets, though keep in mind that they do not have any interior upgrades.

5. Waterworks

This is certainly a higher-end option, but Waterworks does make a few medicine cabinets that are very nice, where I like the Bond and the Pullman. Some of these are made to order, though, so keep lead times in mind.

6. West Elm

West Elm is the other good retail source for medicine cabinets, where they offer a handful of more modern-leaning cabinets, mostly with thin metal frames at a good price point.

7. CB2

CB2 also offers a few medicine cabinet options that would be at home in a more contemporary bathroom. Note that while they don’t look it, most of these can be mounted recessed into the wall, which is always my preference.

8. Kohler

Kohler has recently expanded their medicine cabinet offering, which includes a few that I like like the Verdera, which comes in a pill shape and larger rectangle.

9. Anthropologie

If you’re looking for a medicine cabinet that looks less like a medicine cabinet, the assortment at Anthropologie might be for you. I love this wooden and bone inlay one and the shape on this metal one. Options are sparse but interesting for perhaps a lighter use space.

10. Urban Archeology

This is another high end option on this list, but the medicine cabinets from Urban Archeology are absolutely stunning. They have one that looks very similar to the OG Restoration Hardware cabinet that is beloved by so many.

11. Restoration Hardware

As noted above, RH re-launched their medicine cabinet options recently, including this classic framed inset style that they are known for, and this super minimal metal edge one.

Bonus: Porter Bathrooms

This one is a bonus addition from France, these medicine cabinets aren’t inexpensive but get rave reviews and are so elegant, where they will ship to the US (in addition to having a showroom in San Francisco). They make both metal and painted options.

I hope this is helpful! If you have any other options you’ve found, please drop them in the comments and I can update the list to include.

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  1. Wow this is so timely! I have noticed that there is a dearth of clean, polished nickel medicine cabinets available on the market and I have NO IDEA why RH has discontinued this amazing line. If I known I would have bought them long ago! It was my go to and now I’m scrambling to find an alternative for two new builds I’m working on! Thanks for this post!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post . Finding a pretty medicine cabinet has been so difficult and I so so appreciative of this resource !!

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