How to Upgrade to a Glass Front Door

One of the reasons we purchased our house was the natural light throughout the home, however, there was one especially dark spot that always felt out of step with the way the rest of the house felt, and that was our front hallway. Thanks to a lack of windows, the front hallway was always significantly darker than every other space, so after failing to find a place to add a window, I set my sights on updating our front door to a door with much more glass.

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Our original door was splintering at the bottom and had a small amount of glass on top, which let in very little light. I discovered Simpson Door Company and became enamoured with all their door options. Narrowing it down to a 3/4 lite door, which would allow for a lot more light into the front hallway, I looked to the style of our existing windows to drive the glass style. After much research into what style was most appropriate for an 80+ year old Colonial, we landed on the 7512 Thermal Sash. Working with the Simpson Door Company, we were able to customize the size of the door, for a perfect fit.

The before and after of this door is so good: