A new chair in the nursery

When I revealed my son’s nursery a few months ago, I noted that we were having trouble finding the Goldilocks of chairs for his room: petite enough to fit in his very small nursery, a hard-wearing performance fabric, and a lead time that wasn’t insane. If you’ve been shopping for upholstered furniture in the past two years, you know that the last requirement is not easy to come by. Well, friends, I finally found that unicorn chair from Coley Home.

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Affordable Ceramic Tile (That look expensive!)

For a recent bathroom project, we discovered that the very affordable denim blue ceramic tile we had picked out for the walls was no longer available due to the factory having recently closed in Spain. This set me off on the hunt for replacement tile that was on budget, available immediately, and hand-glazed. I crowd-sourced some great options from my audience and compiled in hopes it helps others. For reference, I deem affordable as being $10/square foot or less. Yes, you can get plain white subway tile for less than that at Home Depot, but I’m looking for one step up from that, where the tile looks handmade and has colour options, and preferably in a long skinny brick size, my preference for ceramic tile.

One other note, I love high-end ceramic tile and have many times before worked with Fireclay tile, when the budget allows and it is 100% worth the added expense. That being said, not all projects have the budget for high-end tile, hence the below list!

Rosemary 2×8 Tile from Fireclay in my Guest Bath

Nursery Reveal

This post has been a longggg time coming. We waited until after our son was born (quite a few months later) to actually start working on his nursery, and now, with two weeks to spare until his first birthday, I can officially call his room done. A few years ago we turned our third bedroom into my office, and we were enamored with the space, but then, knowing we had to make space for a new baby, we again transformed the room, turning it into the nursery it is today.

Before jumping into the reveal, I want to quickly thank the brands who partnered with me on this project: Annie Selke, Nestig, and Buster + Punch. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow me to create spaces that I can share with you. All opinions are my own.

A Living Room Update with Serena & Lily

A little over a year ago, we painstakingly installed panel moulding to our living room, painted the room a soft green (Farrow & Ball Cromarty), had our vintage Baker sofa reupholstered, and then we stalled out on completing the room. It has been top of mind for us recently, as we shift gears towards completing the remaining spaces in our home. Days before Serena & Lily reached out about partnering on this campaign, Cory and I had been discussing that a new coffee table should be bumped to the top of our list, on account of first off, our living room just not feeling all that cohesive and secondly, a baby who will crawl under any piece of furniture, regardless of our concerns over him hitting his head on the underside of our former marble coffee table.

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A guide to reupholstering furniture with Calico

As you already know, I’m a huge fan of giving new life to older pieces of furniture through upholstery. The saying “they don’t make them like they used to” directly applies to upholstered pieces, where often-times older furniture is made for longevity and comfort and can be easily modified to match current aesthetics. So, when Calico reached out again to partner on a reupholstery project, I was thrilled to get to share how easy Calico makes the upholstery process.

Wallpaper and tile combinations that pair beautifully for a bathroom

One of the defining features of our most recent bathroom renovation is the combination of beautiful handmade coloured ceramic tile from Fireclay paired with a complimentary wallpaper. It’s a timeless combination that brings a lot of drama and interest to a space, and also feels incredibly elevated. I dove into my assortment of Fireclay samples and paired them with wallpapers I think would look gorgeous in a bathroom, to inspire you to create the same look in your own home.

Shown here: Fireclay Rosemary Tile in 2×8 and Round Liner with Sandberg Raphael Wallpaper in Green

Roundup: Small vintage rugs perfect for bathrooms, all under $100

In every one of my bathrooms we have a small vintage rug at the vanity, which adds both some colour, dimension, and warmth underfoot. In our recent bathroom reveal, I added a faded Oushak rug and it may surprise you that it was only $70. It’s such an inexpensive accessory that brings so much warmth and a piece of history to the space. Since my rug is one of a kind, I rounded up 10 similarly sized rugs on Etsy, all under $100, that would be perfect at a vanity and that I would use in a heartbeat. For reference, #7 below may not look like much, but it is very similar to the one we have in the bathroom below, if you can believe it!

Links: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

Custom Window Treatments with Calico

One of the biggest ways to transform a space and to make it instantly look finished is with window treatments. I’m always looking for resources that I can share with you that are accessible, high-impact, and elevate your home, so when I had the opportunity to partner with Calico on custom window treatments, it seemed like the perfect fit and experience to share.

*This post is sponsored by Calico. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow us to create helpful content while featuring products we use and love!

Our go-to spray guns and tips for how to spray like a pro

The spray gun has quickly become one of our most-used tools, as we’ve taken on more and more cabinetry, trim, and furniture refinishing projects. As a result, we have constantly been on the hunt for the best spray gun that will give us the most professional end-product. There’s nothing worse than killing yourself to install the most flawless quality trimwork and then being disappointed in the end finish because of your spray gun. Here’s our current assortment of spray guns and when we use them:

Our Multi-Purpose Spray Gun: The Wagner Flexio 5000

This spray gun is affordable and is a good choice for most bigger projects. It comes with a few different nozzles and canisters, so you can use it for broad coverage (e.g. painting a wall or fence) and smaller detail projects (e.g. painting a chair). It’s easy to use and covers a lot of ground quickly. Our only con about this spray gun is that if you’re looking for an extra smooth, perfect factory finish, you may find yourself frustrated with this spray gun. We have managed to get it pretty close, but just not quite flawless.

Our Detail Spray Gun: The Earlex Sprayport 6003

When we’re looking for that perfectly smooth factory finish, we use this gun. It’s perfect for cabinetry, furniture pieces, and other detail-oriented projects. We recently used this spray gun to paint cabinet doors and the finish is absolutely flawless. This spray gun offers you a ton of control, and when you couple that with the right sized nozzle (there are options), you can really achieve a high-quality professional look. We did use this spray gun to paint the paneled walls in our living room and dining room, even though it’s not a recommended use case, and found that it was much slower going than using the Wagner Flexio, but we did get exactly the perfect finish we were looking to achieve. One other note, since the room was so large, this spray gun needed to be on for several hours in a row, which definitely made the built-in compressor get pretty warm – I would say that project pushed this spray gun to the limit, though! We have found ourselves reaching for this spray gun the most since getting it. I will also caveat, that since this is a professional-grade sprayer, it comes with a higher price tag.

Designing the perfect shower: 7 things to consider

We’re knee deep in planning out our second shower renovation and I wanted to share some of the things we’ve learned along the way, as long as some crowd-sourced features that you shared with me on Instagram last week. As with many home spaces, showers need to strike that perfect balance between incredibly functional to use and aesthetically beautiful.