Tackling the main floor bathroom

When we bought this house, it was pretty evident that all three of the bathrooms were going to need to be gutted… eventually. We’re waiting to do some structural upgrades in the basement that will impact our main floor bathroom, so we’ve opted for a phase 1 update to this room. Phase 1 is all about making the most of the existing tile, tub, vanity and toilet. So, to set the tone, we’ve got some before photos: the room has cute black and white tile, nice trimwork and beadboard that I can live with. It also has nice Southern-facing light.

And now for some before photos:


And the inspiration:

This rental makeover featured on by Nicole Gibbons has stuck with me for over a year and has been the primary inspiration for our own makeover. The high contrast of the black walls and white tile plus the chic fashion photography and brass hardware all speak to me.




I know I want black paint in here to add some chic drama and play up the vintage tile-work, but I was stuck on where the black paint was going to go.

Option 1 was to play it safe and paint just the wall above the beadboard.


Home with Baxter

Option 2 was to go riskier and paint the walls and the ceiling black.


Houzz, Braveheart Design Build

Option 3 was the paint the beadboard and trim black but keep the walls white or grey.


Designsponge, The Dean Hotel

Option 4 was to paint the beadboard and the walls black but the ceiling white.


Designsponge, Emma Reddington

So, the final decision is to go with option 2: black walls, black ceiling and white beadboard and trim. The biggest motivating factor is that the ceiling in here is not terribly level, so the high contrast between black walls and a white ceiling with really play that up. We just finished painting the walls black, Sherwin Williams Black Magic, so the transformation is now underway.

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