Currently contemplating: black windows

Our house is pretty traditional aesthetically, but I would consider my style to veer more towards the edgy, glamorous side than to classic traditional, so I’ve been trying to toe the line and keep my bolder inclinations in check. Every day, I contemplate painting my window mullions black, because there honestly isn’t anything more chic than black windows (in my humble opinion).

I’ve gotten the go ahead from Cory to paint them black if I want, but I’m still a bit hesitant about how it’s going to look. So I’ve pulled my favourite rooms that feature black mullions:

Kitchen With White Cabinets, Black Paned Windows and Hardwood Floors

Source: Carter Kay, HGTV

Source: Honestly WTF

Source: The Design Co.

And I did a little photoshop magic to see how it would look in the dining room, and I’m totally digging the contrast. Next up would be adding some roman shades – maybe bamboo or maybe linen? And those brass chairs are dying for new upholstery.


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