How to make a tufted French Mattress

As soon as I realized we’d have the space for a window bench in our sunroom, I immediately envisioned a tufted French mattress as a cushion. But, upon doing some research, I realized that having them made professionally can be very, very expensive (think $1K+ for a long one), since it’s such a labour intensive process. I’m not one to be deterred by a high price tag and realized that while there aren’t too many tutorials out there for how to sew one yourself, it’s actually a fairly manageable project.

It took us around two weeks from start to finish, working a few hours some weeknights and then a solid weekend morning to knock out the tufting.

To get you motivated, let’s share some after photos and then check out the tutorial on Domino here!


And how this cushion looked pre-tufting


I think the charm the tufting brings to the space is undeniable. Check it out!

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  1. Question: On the picture just above Step 4 in the tutorial – it looks like you sewed separate covers for the batting and the foam. Is that correct? If they are all packaged in one cover, what do you do to make the fabric stay tucked between them when you do the welting? Thanks!

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