Crushing on Lacquered Walls

When I spotted the below image in Paloma Contreras’s new book, I knew I had a brand new obsession: lacquered walls. I can’t get these luxe, glossy walls out of my head. The light blue has the perfect amount of grey to keep this room feeling elevated and sophisticated. The lacquer adds this incredible luminosity to the space.



Now, I’m imagining all the rooms I could lacquer in my house to get this chic look in my own home. Which sent me down a design rabbit hole in search of fabulously lacquered rooms.

Like this navy beauty by Thomas Loof. The tone on tone sofa is perfection, as is the large scale graphic art. Swoon.


And is there anything more chic than black lacquered walls? I think not.

download (4).jpg

All this drool-worthy inspiration sent me looking up how I can achieve this look at home, the diy route… and found this HGTV tutorial by Brian Patrick Flynn, that I might just have to give a try soon.

Are you crushing on lacquered walls as much as I am? Would you try this look in your own home?

4 thoughts on “Crushing on Lacquered Walls

  1. I love lacquered walls. I need to check out the tutorial. I never thought this is something you could do yourself.

  2. WARNING, your walls must be perfectly smooth and perfect in every way for this to look good. This is why it costs so much to have this done properly. If there are any bumps of irregularities in your walls they will glare out at you once you put high gloss on them.

    1. I read that! Totally the one thing that’s stopping me from taking the plunge. I might try my hand first at a more manageable item like a small piece of furniture before attempting a room… or just hire it out 🙂

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