My favourite way to style a bed

When it comes to styling a bed, I almost always use the same formula: four standard pillows, with one oversized lumbar lying across the front. For me, less is more, and the fewer pillows required to get my bed looking put together early in the morning, the more likely it’s going to be made! At the end, I’ve rounded up my favourite oversized lumbar pillows.

I love the more modern, streamlined look of stacking the sleeping pillows.


Or the more traditional look of standing them up.


Depending on the size of your bed, anything from a 12×36 to 16×36.


One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight

What’s your favourite way to style your bed?

4 thoughts on “My favourite way to style a bed

  1. Love this design! I don’t love the idea of packing up loads of throw pillows every day either.

  2. Thank you for this! I also use 4 sleeping pillows and I just bought a 12 x 36 lumbar, which is gorgeous, and I wondered if I needed more but didn’t really want more! You validated my feelings so thank you! Also, that pink velvet Urban Outfitters pillow 😍

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